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Unholy War

Nayantara Sahgal
Men have gone to war since time began, for conquest, for plunder, for glory, for keeping muscles in trim and adrenalin flowing.  In the Hindu caste system which divided people and conferred status according to their occupations, the warrior ranked second highest in the hierarchy of caste. War is central to our epics.  Go to war is the message.  

From bows and arrows to swords and shields, from hand to hand combat to war on horseback, the strategy of war has graduated to  tanks and bombs and finally the power to wipe out cities and human beings by the million with a single bomb that did not only banish  life from the face of the earth, but ensured that those left alive would die of disease or be killed by radiation. After this memorable step forward in the art of annihilation, a privileged club of nuclear membership reigned supreme.  But the split atom was not the ultimate achievement of modern warfare. It went further, from the atom bomb to the hydrogen bomb. At the s…